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The first step toward realizing newfound revenues is to generate “leads” — and the mainstay of the MAP’s “lead generation system” is public seminars.

Want to know how public seminars could work for you, with our proven “Seminar Marketing System?” It’s easy to determine because we track the results of every marketing program our clients implement, and we document the results. Take a look at the Seminar ROI Averages, below. Then, use the Seminar Calculator to see what your newfound revenues could be.

Seminar ROI Averages

  • Ad Budget = $4,500
  • # Reservations = 40
  • # Appointments = 17
  • # Immediate Patients Retained = 9
  • x Avg. Fee = $4,200 (2 eyes)
  • Total Revenues = $37,800/mo. ($453,600/yr.)
  • ROI = $33,300/mo. ($399,600/yr.)

Seminar Revenue Calculator
— Seminar Calculator —

*Extra Annual $
Calculation is based on: 20 reservations per seminar,
42% consult appt. rate, and a conservative 50% retention rate.
* Based on averages. Individual results may vary.

Actual Client Results

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